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Alderman Stamper Promotes Construction Jobs in 15th District

Since day one of taking elected office, Alderman Russell Stamper II has been a champion of growing jobs in the 15th District.   Given the amount of construction occurring in Milwaukee and, as well, the 15th District, Alderman Stamper has worked to connect 15th District residents to opportunities in construction; whether they be obtaining an apprenticeship, obtaining work on a project or getting contracts as a business.    According to Alderman Stamper, “Construction has been a cornerstone of our community yesterday and it will continue to be a critical part of our jobs picture into the future…so we must be ready to take advantage of these opportunities.”

In addition to working with Employ Milwaukee, Northcott Neighborhood Center, Word of Hope Ministries and other groups, Alderman Stamper is also working to connect contractors to workers in the 15th District.

To learn more about Alderman Stamper’s efforts to connect residents of the 15th District to opportunities in construction, click here.